PS (PostScript) Viewer

Welcome to the Quick Tutorial!

We’ve created our Quick Tutorial to demonstrate key features and functionality of PS Viewer, please reference the collection below.

left mouse

Click and hold down left mouse button move and image will be moved like mouse is moving

mouse wheel

Roll the mouse wheel forward or away from you to zoom in/out the image.


Open File

First time when PS Viewer is started file dialog is opened like image bellow. To open file choose which file extension you want to open EPS or PS, select file and click open to open image in viewer.To open file when PS File Viewer is already opened just click the open icon and file dialog will be opened.


Resize File

Image will be opened in original dimension. Image dimension can be changed and image quality will stay good as it is a vector image. Write dimension of desired image in Width or Height box, click button ok and image will be resized with good quality.

save image

Save File

Saving PS files is easy by clicking the save image button, save file dialig will be opened and PS file can be saved easy into JPG, BPM, PNG, GIF and TIFF format.



Zoom images by clicking bottom bar fit buttom. Zoom slider will apear next to zoom icon and moving the slider image will be sized aproximately.


Fit To Screen

After resizing and moving, image can be fit to screen by clicking bottom bar view buttom.


Rotating image

Rotating image can be done 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise, just with clicking on arrow bottom bar buttons.